Jim Price soloed in Provo, Utah, (1969) and since then he has had quite a checkered past which over time, evolved into a marvelous career in aviation. He has enjoyed wonderful experiences in corporate aviation, Flight Instruction, the Utah Division of Aeronautics, United States Air Force, and the several airlines.

The Air Force tried to get him killed in both the Vietnam War and the first Gulf War. Having failed to do that, he was allowed to quietly retire from the Air Force Reserves in 1997, after 27 years of active and reserve duty.

In the Air Force, he flew the C-7A Caribou (Vietnam), KC-135A & E, T-38 (instructor), C-130A & E (Gulf War I).

Concurrently, he spent 27 years flying both “on the line” and training pilots at Saudi Arabian Airlines, Hughes Airwest, Republic Airlines, and Northwest Airlines.  Jim retired from Northwest Airlines in 2005. He flew or instructed on the B-727, B-707/720, DC-9, A-320, and B-757.

Certificates: ATP (multi-engine privileges), Commercial (Single Engine privileges) and Flight Engineer.

Type ratings: DC-3, B-707, B-720, DC-9, A-320, B-757, and B-767.

Instructor ratings: CFI, CFI-I, and MEI.

Jim has been a FAASTeam member since 2007, serving on the Runway Incursion presentation team and the iPad Workshop teams. He has been presenting ADS-B seminars since 2012 and yes, in 2013, he had an ADS-B transponder (Garmin GTX 330ES) installed in his Mooney M20K 252.


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