19 Things that can Cause an Accident

  1. Not getting a full weather brief before every flight
  2. Rushing through a pre-flight inspection
  3. Doing an incomplete run up or skipping it entirely
  4. Multi-tasking while taxiing. (Entering the flight plan in the GPS can wait)
  5. Not using a checklist on each flight
  6. Not filing a VFR flight plan
  7. Not utilizing flight following
  8. Misuse of Special VFR
  9. Not using enough rudder (especially during a go-around)
  10. Not having a taxi diagram out while taxiing. (Wandering can be costly and dangerous)
  11. Planning an IFR alternative that’s too close to the destination airport. (It’s the same weather pattern)
  12. Not understanding installed technology. (What’s this button do?)
  13. Dialing the wrong frequency. (This is especially easy to do with the numbers after the “point”)
  14. Not asking for help earlier, before it’s too late. (Fear of declaring an emergency has caused lots of problems)
  15. Not briefing a departure and possible emergencies before departure. (Think about what you’ll do if you have a fire or lose an engine after takeoff)
  16. Not checking aircraft performance / density altitude. (Can you take off safely? Do you have a reject spot?)
  17. Allowing distractions in the cockpit
  18. Mismanaging single pilot resources. (Passengers and ATC can be a great help)
  19. Not monitoring instruments.

Reflect on and ponder these nineteen points. Do any of these seem familiar to you; something you are constantly or occasionally doing? Is there something that you could do to change your flight habits?


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