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Find out if your ADS-B OUT is working properly. Just go to:

Here, you’ll enter your:

  • N-number
  • ADS-B transmitter make and model
  • GPS make and model number(s)
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 In about five minutes, your report will be emailed to you.

3-ADS-BDon’t be shocked if you fail. Just take it back to the shop until it passes.

(For a satisfactory report, I had to have my installation “tweeked” three times!)

Flight operations occurring at the fringe of ADS-B ground station coverage (check coverage @ can cause intermittent signal losses with aircraft avionics. This condition may generate various false failure indications (red flag for Percent Failure – PF and/or Maximum Consecutive Failure – MCF flag) within a Public ADS-B Performance Report (PAPR). Such failures will vary depending on the duration of the flight in this condition. If you receive a PAPR with suspected false failure indications, you can email and request that your avionics performance be manually reviewed prior to taking maintenance action. Be sure to attach the PAPR file and include (PAPR Review Request) in the subject line of the reply email to help expedite a response.


2ADS-BIf you have experienced problems receiving ADS-B  Weather or Traffic in a particular area, or have any other ADS-B problems, CLICK HERE



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